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We specialize & focus on Neurotoxins (wrinkle relaxers) & dermal filler. 

We offer a full face consultation for all  patients & provide a customized plan made just for YOU!

Not sure what you need? Book a consultation!

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BOTOX $13/ unit

We offer wrinkle relaxers including botox, dysport, xeomin, & daxxify.

Areas we treat include forehead, "11's", crows feet, smile lines, jawline, nasal slimming.

We also offer TMJ treatment, migraine therapy, and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)

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FILLER Starting at $799

We offer dermal filler including juvederm, restylane, RHA, as well as sculptra and radiesse.

Common areas to treat with filler include lip augmentation, cheeks, chin, nose, jawline, smile lines, hand rejuvenation, neck and chest rejuvenation

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